Printable truck scale indicator XK315A6P

Available in plastic housing
Built-in micro printer
6-gigit 30.5mm red LED
Dimensions: 320x200x180mm
Applications: weighing platform. Truck scale, etc
  1. Operating temperature: 0℃to 40℃
  2. Storage temperature: -25℃to 55℃
  3. Relative humidity:≤ 85% non–condensing
  4. Drive up 8X350Ω or 16X700Ω load cell
  5. Indicator can be replaced without recalibration
  6. Four-point calibration
  7. Low battery indication and automatic power-off
  8. Store and recall up to 10 unit prices
  9. Lock display when overload is greater 130%FS
  10. Accuracy can be increased ten times
  11. Real-time chock with programmable date andlock to stop work
  12. Store and recall up to 200 vehicle numbersand tares
  13. Store and recall up to 1000  weighing records and statistical reports
  14. Classify statistics by vehicle and goods number
  15. Classify statistics by daily and monthly reports
  16. Selectable printing of fill-in form
  17. Parallel interface to external 24-pin dot matrixprinter
  18. RS232 serial interface
  19. Optional RS485 serial interface
  20. Selectable kg and t
Quantity: 6pcs   Dimension: 40x93x53cm   Weight: 23kg