Waterproof scale super-ss

Super-SS model

Product Description
CE Certificated
Stainless steel housing, IP68 super waterproof
ADS1232 high precision A/D chip
High standard waterproof, corrosion-proof and mpact-proof load cell
*Water-proof Rubber keypad
*All sealed PCB design
*Complete Sealed design with Ventilated Ring for Load Cell
*Single display or dual display
*Easy-to-read backlit LED display
*Adjustable feet and level indicator
*Full range tare, parts counting and check weighing functions
*Auto power off timing selection
*Ideal for applications including high humidity surrounding of food or seafood markets, food processing factories, delicatessens or any other use
Model   Super-0.6 Super-1.5 Super-3 Super-6 Super-15 Super-30
Capacity(kg)   0.6 1.5 3 6 15 30
Division (g)   0.2/0.1/0.05 0.1/0.5/0.2 0.2/0.5/1 0.5/1/2 1/2/5 2/5/10
Weighing Units   kg / g / lb / lb. oz / pcs
Display(mm)   High brightness red LED (6digits)
Weighing Pan (mm)   230× 190(stainless steel)
Scale Dimension (mm)   297× 246× 127
Weight   Net weighing 4.72kg, Gross weight 5.11kg.
Power Supply   AC 10V/220V(AC± 10%) or rechargeable battery
Operating Temp   -5~ +35